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Butte County Linux users gather in Paradise.

»Linux CDs

Download the latest Linux distributions here. There are all kinds to choose from.


Chico State has a great Linux user group too!

Behind This Web Site

Linux - This site is running on Linux.

Apache - This site is running on Apache, which is running on Linux.

PHP - This site runs PHP on Apache and Linux.

DocBook - The content on this site is HTML generated from DocBook ultimately rendered with PHP on Apache and Linux.

Transition - PHP brings raw db2html output into this template. I had to modify the output a little using DSSSL style sheets to include my css... Here is the raw db2html output.

Open Source Technology

As you may know, I am a geek ;-) I like open source technology. I had the privilege of working with some of the best minds in the industry, and this web site is built on that technology. It is all Free Software and Open Source Software... fast becoming the best software available. Eventually I would like to put up some pages that explain why I think that is true.

How I built this Site

Here is a list of Internet Technologies that are being used to bring this web page to you today.

IP or Internet Protocol

This is the technology that is based on the idea that every computer on the Internet has a number. You can think of it as a phone number or an address. The IP Address is the number that is assigned to a computer. Every computer on the Internet has a unique number. If you are reading this, your computer has an IP Address as well. I got mine from my ISP. It is static, meaning it doesn't change. Yours is probably dynamic, which means it is dynamically assigned to your computer by your ISP. Since you need an IP Address to be on the Internet, this was a first step, perhaps second only to getting a computer ;-)

Domain Name

You don't actually need a domain name, but it makes things a bit more pleasant and people like pleasant. Sending an email to someone@someplace.com is easier than sending one to someone@ (this number is an IP Address), right? Well maybe not for some people.

I registered my domain name through a place recommended to me by Joe Dorn: Intuitive ISP. For about $15 a year, I can register this domain and it has tools for me to manage it as well. I have since moved my domains to Go Daddy! Once registered, I put up a couple DNS servers. More on that next.

DNS or Domain Name System

This system is used on the Internet and just about anywhere else you type the name of a computer instead of a number like the IP address example above. It is basically a database that maps names to addresses. Once a domain name is chosen, you must also assign DNS servers that will be responsible for the name to address mapping. I use bind on two servers for this purpose and also have friends that provide DNS services for my domains. DNS is a fundamental Internet service and without it, typing in the name of a web-site simply would not work.

In summary, with and IP Address, Domain Name, and DNS, you can host your own Internet presence... well... almost.

Web Server: Apache

Once you have the foundation in place, the next step is to provide some sort of service such as email, web pages, IRC, audio streaming, or perhaps nothing at all. Since I wanted to show off to my wife, I put up a web server called Apache. That is the service that is providing this web page for your viewing pleasure. Eventually I will work in a secure web site as well. Apache (and all web servers) basically provide file access over the Internet using HTTP. The files are stored on the server, and served to you when requested.


Ah yes, the power application of our time. Nearly everyone knows what email is. I have put up an exim email server. Email is fairly complex in implementation, but basic email servers are very simple to build. Sendmail, Postfix and Qmail are other popular email servers. Clients range from Netscape and Outlook (bad Outlook!) and Eudora to Pine and Mutt (my personal favorite). With this server, I can create all the addresses I want at this domain or even multiple domains.

Firewall: Net Filter

Firewalls are nice. They protect your server and network from... well... fires ;) Basically, they are used to keep the bad stuff out and let the services through that you want made available. These can be very complex, but absolutely necessary if you are at all concerned about the integrity of your server and network. Net Filter is part of the 2.4 kernel.

Other Services

There are a few things I am running that are not very interesting to most people, such as CVS, MySQL, PHP, IRC (not used), rsync, Samba, and some SGML development tools.

What's next?

IPSEC or VPNs are interesting. I would like to build some family WANS using IPSEC. It makes security a bit easier to keep a handle on and also provides a single login when used with LDAP. I would also like to but up a mailing list and start a Linux User Group in my geography.

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