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Computers - Desktop, workstation, laptop, and server solutions.

Networks - File sharing, collaboration, groupware, workflow, printing and scheduling solutions.

Internet - Domain, email, web site, ecommerce, mailing list, and community solutions.

Security - Anti-virus, firewall, patch management, intrusion detection, network camera, and audit solutions.

Applications - Accounting, groupware, office, graphics, content management, and industry specific application solutions.

Training & Education - Group seminars, one-on-one training, application training, documentation, custom training, and certification training solutions.

Phone Systems, Document Management, and More - Voicemail, voice over IP, inter-office, paperless office, and storage solutions.

If You Need Immediate Support...
Pick Up the Phone and Call 530.872.9972

We are usually just a phone call away. We will attempt to help you over the phone or schedule a visit if necessary.

Contract Support the RiddleFixer Way

Our support contracts are structured to give you the low risk benefits of professional support when you need it by offering you Service Level Agreements that fit your requirements while providing you with the maintenance that every computer and network system needs to stay reliable. By the end of the contract period, we guarantee a minimum level of service that does not leave you without benefit.

If you don't have maintenance needs or emergency support needs, our timely response may fit your needs sufficiently. Regardless, we will tailor a support program that fits your needs.

Free Consultation

If you are considering how our support solutions might help your business, please help yourself to a free consultation where you will immediately experience the RiddleFixer difference and begin exploring how you can meet your support goals within your budget constraints. We offer a full range of solutions from computers, networks, phones, security systems, custom applications and more. Sound too good to be true? Wait until you see what you have been missing for far too long. Call 530.872.9972 today to schedule your free consultation.

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