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Computers - Desktop, workstation, laptop, and server solutions.

Networks - File sharing, collaboration, groupware, workflow, printing and scheduling solutions.

Internet - Domain, email, web site, ecommerce, mailing list, and community solutions.

Security - Anti-virus, firewall, patch management, intrusion detection, network camera, and audit solutions.

Applications - Accounting, groupware, office, graphics, content management, and industry specific application solutions.

Training & Education - Group seminars, one-on-one training, application training, documentation, custom training, and certification training solutions.

Phone Systems, Document Management, and More - Voicemail, voice over IP, inter-office, paperless office, and storage solutions.

End-to-End Business Technology Solutions
The Problem

RiddleFixer provides solutions. So what is the problem? It could be a virus, spyware, hackers, or the infamous Blue Screen of Death. But these are not the real problems. The real problems are the ones you may have purchased a computer to help you solve.

Life is full or real problems that can be solved with technology. Sometimes it makes sense to solve these problems with technology and sometimes it does not. For example, food preservation is a common problem that the technology of refrigeration has helped us solve. The common transportation problem has been solved with many things since the days of the horse and cart. However, you probably don't need much help solving your food preservation and transportation problems.

We specialize in Business Technology Solutions. What are they? Business Technology Solutions are the solutions that we create to cost effectively solve your business problems. We have a very strong background in what we call Enterprise Class Solutions, which are usually necessities in large companies. These solutions offer large companies major competitive advantages, but are also very expensive and require large budgets to create, implement, and maintain. The return on investment usually justifies the decisions to implement these solutions. Our team has experienced the problems and solutions for major companies such as GAP INC, URS Corporation, IBM, Dell, HP, and various smaller companies.

So what does all this mean to you? RiddleFixer is bringing Enterprise Class Solutions to the Small and Medium Business (SMB). Limited budgets and resources usually prevent the SMB from taking advantage of technology and only at a certain point can they afford to compete with the bigger companies. This limits growth to specialized markets but also creates barriers that are associated with scalability. It takes a certain amount of technology to remain competitive. The problem is getting the right technology working to solve real problems. RiddleFixer has the solutions!

We have found that there are several types of problems common to all our clients. We solve these problems with flexible and scalable solutions that are affordable.

Common Business Technology Problems

  • Practice and business management systems including accounting, inventory, client tracking, and sales systems.

  • Communication systems including phones, email, instant messaging, client support, mailing lists, web portals, etc.

  • Marketing systems including desktop publishing, direct marketing, web publishing, corporate identity, logos, branding, etc.

  • Document management systems including paperless office systems, document storage and retrieval, corporate communications portals, collaboration portals, document revision control, etc.

  • Security systems including physical security through digital cameras, audio detection/recording, motion detection, emergency notifications, etc.

  • Computer systems security including perimeter control, intrusion detection, firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, web content filtering/monitoring, etc.

We are here to show you how Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) can benefit from technology solutions similar to those that have been helping streamline and empower the operations of large enterprises, only we will show you how to do it without requiring an enterprise technology budget. The SMB is often led to believe they cannot afford to participate in the latest technologies available to them. This is no longer the case and we are here to show you how to leverage these powerful technologies such that you can compete and remain viable and competitive within today's corporate environments.

Free Consultation

If you are considering how technology might help your business, please help yourself to a free consultation where you will immediately experience the RiddleFixer difference and begin exploring how you can reach your goals within your budget constraints. We offer a full range of solutions from computers, networks, phones, security systems, custom applications and more. Sound too good to be true? Wait until you see what you have been missing for far too long. Call 530.872.9972 today to schedule your free consultation.

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