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Please Note That This Site is Still Under Construction. Click Here to preview the Business Web Site.

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Butte County Linux users gather in Paradise.

»Linux CDs

Download the latest Linux distributions here. There are all kinds to choose from.


Chico State has a great Linux user group too!

Behind This Web Site

Linux - This site is running on Linux.

Apache - This site is running on Apache, which is running on Linux.

PHP - This site runs PHP on Apache and Linux.

DocBook - The content on this site is HTML generated from DocBook ultimately rendered with PHP on Apache and Linux.

Transition - PHP brings raw db2html output into this template. I had to modify the output a little using DSSSL style sheets to include my css... Here is the raw db2html output.

Paradise Computer and Linux Users Group

PCLUG used to have its own website but now it just has this page. I had to use the IP for another server and have not had time to rebuild just yet. I will probably start from scratch using Drupal 6 or something of a mix.

Monthly Meetings

At the moment, we meet on the first Wednesday of every month. We are a small group so sometimes we don't meet because if a couple people cannot make it, there would be only one person there! :-) So please contact Ed for the latest schedule of events. Eventually we will get the calendar back up.

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