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Please Note That This Site is Still Under Construction. Click Here to preview the Business Web Site.

Last updated on March 3, 2008 Copyright © 2001-2008 Ed Riddle


Butte County Linux users gather in Paradise.

»Linux CDs

Download the latest Linux distributions here. There are all kinds to choose from.


Chico State has a great Linux user group too!

Behind This Web Site

Linux - This site is running on Linux.

Apache - This site is running on Apache, which is running on Linux.

PHP - This site runs PHP on Apache and Linux.

DocBook - The content on this site is HTML generated from DocBook ultimately rendered with PHP on Apache and Linux.

Transition - PHP brings raw db2html output into this template. I had to modify the output a little using DSSSL style sheets to include my css... Here is the raw db2html output.

A Little History About This Site

In the past, this is has been a placeholder page installed just so I could say I have a Web server up and running. It is not much different now, but I am starting to work on web pages a bit more now and this refresh is a first step.

The real reason I put this here is because I wanted to impress my wife. When I was all excited about implementing DNS and told her that RiddleFixer.com existed to the world, she replied, "so I can go to RiddleFixer.com?" I said, "no, but you can ping it from anywhere in the world!!!" To anyone other than me, this was not very impressive; She was not impressed... Well Here It Is! And now it is in DocBook! (Another non-impressive thing to most everyone but me ;-)

This web-site is under construction, a constant work in progress. I am currently implementing a number of Internet services. As of today, I have DNS, email, CVS, iptables, subversion and this Apache Web server up and running. HTML authoring is now on my list, but I am managing this site's content in SGML/XML. Now that I have that up and running, this site will change and grow a bit.

Now that I will actually be sending people to this site, it seems appropriate that I do some actual work on it ;-)... not much however ;-) OK, truth is, no design, just raw SGML. Once I get more involved with XML and stylesheets, I will start doing some design.

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