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Computers - Desktop, workstation, laptop, and server solutions.

Networks - File sharing, collaboration, groupware, workflow, printing and scheduling solutions.

Internet - Domain, email, web site, ecommerce, mailing list, and community solutions.

Security - Anti-virus, firewall, patch management, intrusion detection, network camera, and audit solutions.

Applications - Accounting, groupware, office, graphics, content management, and industry specific application solutions.

Training & Education - Group seminars, one-on-one training, application training, documentation, custom training, and certification training solutions.

Phone Systems, Document Management, and More - Voicemail, voice over IP, inter-office, paperless office, and storage solutions.

What is RiddleFixer?
The Philosophy

We at RiddleFixer embrace and specialize in Open Source technologies and Open Standards. These two things are critical to the success and freedom of your technology infrastructure. Deployment with these things in mind give you maximum flexibility with some of the best software solutions available. So what are these things?

Open Source is a term that is used to describe software that the source code open for you to view and modify to fit your needs. In other words, you may have full rights to use the software as you see fit. That means no licensing fees and more importantly that you cannot be forced into upgrade games many vendors play.

Open Standards is a term that is used to describe the lack of restrictions around core technologies and how they interact. In order to inter-operate with other systems, standards and protocols must be defined. Many proprietary systems are locked down and you are not able to interact with them without permission or payment. This is difficult to explain in terms of technology, but in terms of language, imagine if the US could charge you to use the English language whereas Britain allows you to speak and write English so long as you adhere to it's specification. You might start speaking British English ;)

We take this philosophy farther. In addition to Open Standards and Open Source, we apply the same mentality to the way we manage our business. This is really ground breaking business management and has yet to be seen openly in the typical businesses we see today. However, it is our belief that many advantages come from running a business this way. The difficulty is making things work well while sustaining a viable business. Our business model overcomes these difficulties in order to provide a much larger resource base for our customers while promoting the building of a "Dream Team" to deliver cost-effective solutions to everyone that wants them.

The Team

Some dream team folk here. :)

The Result

The phenomenal results here. ;)

Free Consultation

If you are considering how technology might help your business, please help yourself to a free consultation where you will immediately experience the RiddleFixer difference and begin exploring how you can reach your goals within your budget constraints. We offer a full range of solutions from computers, networks, phones, security systems, custom applications and more. Sound too good to be true? Wait until you see what you have been missing for far too long. Call 530.872.9972 today to schedule your free consultation.

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