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Please Note That This Site is Still Under Construction. Click Here to preview the Business Web Site.

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Butte County Linux users gather in Paradise.

»Linux CDs

Download the latest Linux distributions here. There are all kinds to choose from.


Chico State has a great Linux user group too!

Behind This Web Site

Linux - This site is running on Linux.

Apache - This site is running on Apache, which is running on Linux.

PHP - This site runs PHP on Apache and Linux.

DocBook - The content on this site is HTML generated from DocBook ultimately rendered with PHP on Apache and Linux.

Transition - PHP brings raw db2html output into this template. I had to modify the output a little using DSSSL style sheets to include my css... Here is the raw db2html output.

March 2008 Updates: Business (Still) Formalizing!
Wow! It's Been A While

Hard to believe it has been nearly four years since I touched this website. I have been (thankfully) very busy and have not had time to make any updates to my site. As it turns out, there have been three minor releases and one major release of DocBook, which is what I author all my pages in. Amazingly, with all the changes that have been made with all the software I use, my methodology still seems to work. However, I do want to redo my site. There is not a very good chance of that happening anytime soon though as I have been very busy doing much more interesting things. This update is mostly for Mike. :-)

LinuxWorld? How About Scale?

I still like going to LinuxWorld, but Scale is much more my style. I attended Scale6x after much prodding from my friends (mostly Mike) and loved it. My only complaint was that I could not attend all the presentations that interested me.

Business Site (Still) Under Development

I have started working on this again and will be transitioning to a business website with a link to the personal site within the year (if all goes well). The business is really picking up and I am looking for good people to join me. If things continue, I will transition from a sole proprietor to an LLC fairly soon. Stay tuned! ;-)

September 2004 Updates: Business Formalizes!
Not The Same Old Linux World

I missed LinuxWorld SF last year, which was the only one in California I have missed, but I did get to spend some more time at this one. These shows have an amazing reunion quality where we meet up with many of the pioneers of the Linux in Business Era. It was good to see everyone that I did, but it was more than people that were reunited. Some of us were reunited with our dreams of what Linux and open source technology means to us. I have never really let go of it and I have partnered with a kindred spirit. Things are moving faster now; you might say they are moving at the speed of Linux. ;)

Now that things are on the move, I have even less time to make my updates, but certain updates are in the works and that is one where this site will begin to take on a new role and retire its current role as a personal web page. I think I will leave the history up somewhere but I will also rebuild a new home for these pages.

Business Site Under Development

I still like this site, the way it is built, rendered and maintained. I have started working on a new main page which you can preview here if you like. The content is likely to change as I build out the other pages and the links may not do what you expect, but you might be able to get a feel for things, so take a look, please and send me an email with your feedback.

June 2004 Updates: Changes in Paradise!
This Web Site

The construction of this website will continue; however, I am working on some new content management systems (CMS) that may ultimately take over here. I still like the speed and look of this website and it may be a while before I port this look over to any other CMS.

You may have noticed a minor change: A logo! I spent a few hours on a business card and came up with this logo for the website. I like the little star ;) This is all part of the transition of this web site into a more business oriented web site. As things progress on my web design, I will back-port some of it to this site. Once I get the content database synchronized between the two, I will make a decision on which will rule this particular site.

About Business

I have recently spent a significant amount of time away from home working on several projects that have taken me out of the area. Although I don't mind that as long as I can spend at least a couple of weekends a month with the family, I have also made significant progress on my business plan that focuses on delivering solutions to small businesses. This has the obvious advantage of allowing me to work from anywhere, especially in and around Paradise.

I have nearly concluded that I cannot provide the types of solutions my clients need unless I also grow my business to include more than myself. As a result, I have been courting some old teammates to join me. It is exciting and reminds me a lot of my Linuxcare days. There is nothing like working with a good solid team!

As a result of all this, RiddleFixer.com will continue its transition to a business web site for me and my team (including my clients).

March 2004 Updates: It's Been A Long Time!
No News

Not to say there isn't any news because there is plenty of news. It has been a long time since I have updated this site. It is obvious that this is not the place to go for news. That is what I mean by "No News" *smile*

Now why has it been so long? I have been really busy. I/we have settled in to our new home and community. The list of things to do grows as fast as kids. However, I will be coming back to the site for more changes.

Some Things Change, Some Don't

One thing has stood the test of time: this web site design. I like it! I believe I will keep it. I have been toying with different news portal sites similar to The Paradise Linux User Group Site but I always try to make them look like this one. That tells me something. I am sticking with it for now.

I will be changing the site soon. As I continue to build out my business, I am feeling the pressure to make the transformation from a more personal site to a more business related site. I do plan to create a separate personal site, but don't expect it to look different. *wink*

The Real Reasons For This Update

I am about to change my build system for this site. When I do that, I expect to spend a few hours changing the PHP and DocBook settings I currently use. I may also make the jump to DocBook XML and do a complete rebuild using XSLT style sheets, which I hear are a lot easier than DSSSL.

Why the change? I am working on some small business applications that will integrate with internal and external web sites. Internal web interfaces to company databases will be the beginning, but external delivery of data will also be a goal. This is just the next step in this whole experimental web site. Ultimately, the web site will deliver documentation management as well as integrated company databases including accounting, inventory, and all that other ERP/CRM type stuff that big companies pay the big bucks for.

So until next time, have a good time!

October 2002 Updates: A Little Introduction
What Is Going On?

I finally did it! I made a visible change. Now that I got the new look in place, I will start working a little more on the design and content.

This is a slow work in progress. Mostly done while babysitting or watching TV, or both, this site was being developed with only DocBook SGML and some related tools. I have recently decided to make my updates a little easier to maintain by using PHP as well. My goal is to render my source SGML or XML files as HTML and then use PHP to bring it into my template(s). Hence, I am now going to be using PHP on my site.

If you visited my site in the past, you may have noticed it was getting long and boring. I did not like that, so I started breaking it out. It is probably still boring ;-) but I should soon be updating it with a template that was the inspiration behind the design of PCLUG's web site. However similar the sites may look, the mechanics behind them are completely different.

Please take a look around, and drop me a note if you have any feedback for me. Thanks!

September 2002 Updates: Yikes!!! Five Months Later!!!

I have made some progress on the portal type web site idea. In fact, since then, I launched PCLUG's web site. I grabbed the design from oswd.org quite a while ago. It was my favorite at the time and I still like it a lot. That is why pclug.org and this site look (or will look) the same :) I will eventually make more changes, but for now I a concentrating on the mechanics of bringing simple DocBook rendered as HTML into the Droll template.

Before I launch the new look, I want to get some things worked out. For now, if you are interested, you can see what it looks like in progress. Most of my updates will be done on the testing page(s). I may even put up a sequence to show how I transition from the original template from oswd.org (droll.html) to whatever it is at the moment. Not sure yet. Do you want me to? Drop me an email if you do.

April 2002 Updates

Well, it has been a while since I have worked on this, so time for another update. I am beginning to see a need for a news type site now and as I expand my web skills, all the portal type web sites are making more sense. I will probably continue working my data into that type of format.

For now, this will appear chronologically instead of latest news first (especially since this is the only entry so far ;-) As I become more settled in Paradise, I have been enjoying my new lifestyle more and more everyday. Working less than 80 hours a week sure helps. I can see now that I have been recovering from that crazy startup lifestyle that went with the whole Linuxcare adventure. I would not do it differently if I had to do it again, but starting now, I am going to do it differently.

A note on what I have been doing will pave the way for future changes on this site. We are now pretty certain that we will continue living in Paradise, so I am starting to get more active with Linux locally. This includes establishing my business, so I will be expanding this site with my service offerings.

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